Is the registration free of charge?

1. The User can use the Portal and it’s free of charge. When the User have been registered, the ‘Debutant’ status is being given and 2 photographs a week can be published in the Galleries and 5 photos in Private Portfolio..

2. Free registration is the only requirement to use the Portal. The registration is complete when all details have been given and accepted by the Portal’s Team. All necessary registration data are listed in the Registration Form.

3. All Portal’s Terms and Conditions must be accepted by the User.

4. Photo-exhibitions.com Portal is being precisely moderate and any signs of breaking Terms and Conditions by any User will result in being banned (forever). Publishing provocative photographs, comments, spoiling the Portal’s atmosphere by evident scoff from its value will be treated rigorously and without warning. 


How will I increase the amount of available slots?

If the User would like to increase the possibilities of the account by adding more files in bigger dimensions every week, there is Premium Account that can purchased and gives more options than the standard account. The Premium Account is available in My Account bookmark. You get:

- 7 photos a week in Public Gallery

- 20 photos a week in Modelling Gallery

- 100 photos in private Gallery

- 1200x1200pxl standard photos in full screen mode

- 1800x900pxl panoramas in full screen mode


How to get promoted here?

After successful registration process the new User gets ‘Debutant’ status. The higher statuses depend on the received points on the portal.


500 points.


2000 points


5000 points


10000 points



How to rate?

The rates of the photographs:

5 points – outstanding photograph, excellent in every way, recommend to the High Gallery

4 points – very good photograph which would be considered to be promoted to High Gallery but...

3 points – good photo

2 points – Photo shouldn't be further promoted

1 point - Photo needs improvement 


Is it worth to analyse photographs?

Yes, it is. Constructive analyses will be promoted. The valuable ones will be displayed on this main page and the active User's portfolio will be promoted on the main page. 



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